A Dozen Classic Mayfly & Attractor Patterns to Fill Your Nymph Box

Well, the groundhog just gave us his prediction for six more weeks of winter, so it looks like there is plenty of time left to stock up my fly boxes for the 2017 season.   I'm a big fan of tying classic patterns and lately, I've been working on filling a box with twelve classic nymphs in a range of sizes and weights.  I typically fish a dropper rig with two to three nymphs at a time, so I go through them pretty quickly.  The box that I am currently filling holds 168 nymphs, so this will take me quite a while to fill, but it should last me a few seasons.  I've been trying to make time to tie a hand full of flies each evening, and I find that switching patterns and doing a couple of different styles in a session keeps it interesting. Here they are with the recipe that I'm using for each: 1)  Pheasant Tail Nymph - Attractor Pattern Hook:  Mustad 9671 or equivalent 10 - 18 Thread:  Black 6/0 Weight:  4 - 6 turns of lead or lead substitute wire Tail:  3 - 6 phe